Wisdom of the Few

by Ride For Revenge

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Sonny92 RfR are a genuinely original voice in the world of Black Metal. A drum and bass duo (with some synth) their cymbal-heavy songs sound like some infernal workshop, run by a demented, demonic blacksmith. Also incorporating elements of death doom and some experimental parts that are basically "sonic attacks", I can see that their sound may not be for everyone. Yet it's refreshing to hear black metal that doesn't conform to the genre conventions and pushes at the boundaries of what black metal is.
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2009 album, both lp and cd out of print at the moment. Full album download comes with a bonus new and previously unreleased track "Soul Abortion" (9:21) recorded summer 2014.


released August 21, 2014



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Ride For Revenge Helsinki, Finland

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Track Name: Ghostship
Track Name: Wisdom of the Few
Wisdom of the Few

Horrendous thruth and logic
Too true for most to understand
We know the power within us
A key to things great and grand

We are the keepers of the strenght
Nature will serve us well
We rule the earth and heavens
And surely we reign in hell

Wisdom and might is for few
And we carry the flame
Bringers of death and new beginning
Universe will never be the same
Track Name: No Savior No Return
No Savior No Return

Seven doors
Not one leading to heaven
Snakes and nightmares
All in pacts of seven
Dungeons of filth
Make you wish the death is the end
Corrosion of souls
Will and spirit bent

Sorrows in dark gloom
Bleed for the haunting past
Despair terminates
Hopes shattered like glass
Oblivion your final adress
No savior no return
Death and terror your doom
Forever you shall burn
Track Name: Dungeons of the Original Sin
Dungeons of the Original Sin

Flashing lights
Unearthly rhythms
Convulsed in heat
Of the erotic overkill
Virginity sacrificed
On the altars of desire
Witching laughter sorrounds
The orgy of fire
Flames make dancing shadows
It's the heartbeat not the though
Trance inducing tempo
Drives you to the streets of babylon
To dungeons of the original sin
Never understimate
The energy of sexual being
All senses opened
Shivers run through the believing
Track Name: Dedicated to Destruction
Dedicated to Destruction

My life, it's evil
My mind possessed by demons
Everlasting hatred
The cold winds of darkness
Dedicated to destruction
I follow the path of death
Always keeping my soul
Out of the deceiving light
Never believe the promises
Of those who promote the lie
Dedicated to destruction
I follow the path of death
Track Name: The Key of Knowledge
The Key of Knowledge

Summoning the powers below
I release fires of my soul
My faith is tried and forged
I fear no death nor life
I have the key of knowledge
Locked deep in the sea of myths
Where I may drown or enlighten
As darkness calls my name
Possessed by demons of disease
My future is still in my hands
Avenger of hell my name
And rocky is my path
Cold and evil on demand
I have no mercy no regrets
Rage discharged in the face of my enemy
I know my legacy will last
Track Name: Passages for Greater Self
Passages for Greater Self

Moon guides the hunter
Terror brought by night
Rhythms of the ritual
These souls know no silence
Translations with multiple meanings
Soil fertile with blood
Creatures armed with venom
Aliens to love of life
Entrances to deeper levels
Invocations for devilish encounters
What's death if not the actual beginning
Dream is as true as one's soul
These halls are neverending
Passages for greater self
As guardian you are your enemy
The key is behind your soul
Track Name: Morning Won´t Bring a Twinkling Star
Morning Won't Bring a Twinkling Star

Clouds of mist moving under the fullmoon
My lust grows stronger than ever before
I know you'll be mine through the night
You cannot escape my grip, i can't escape my hunger

Together as one in the mass of sweating flesh
All the wait is over, nothing left to look for

It's now and here and not anything else
Hearts pumping blood to be packed and released
Discharging just to be reloaded
Curse the dawn, let it never arrive
Daylight could never match your glow
The morning won't bring a twinkling star
Track Name: Justification / The Circle Remains Closed